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Training ID: 1698778
Little People and Big Emotions: Learning and Coping with Emotions - Webinar
Start Date: 7/23/2024
From: 5:30 PM
To: 8:30 PM
Last day to register: 7/22/2024
Availability: 33 seats available
CEU: 0.40
Language: English
Trainer: Sharhonda Walker
Categories: Child Development & Learning, Observing Documenting Screening & Assessing, CLASS: Positive Climate, CLASS: Negative Climate, CLASS: Teacher Sensitivity, CLASS: Regard for Student Perspective

This is an online Training. 

Participants will personally benefit from this training because it will help them to build confidence in their ability to understand the differences between feelings and emotions, and will learn about different relaxation techniques that can be model and use in their classrooms and home. Both in themselves and the children who they are working with. Identifying feelings and emotions is the first step to handling them in a positive way. Planning activities such as relaxation techniques will provide them with a comfortable working atmosphere where they can model positive behaviors for use in their classrooms and home as well as help them to reduce their own personal stress. Tuning into children’s emotions will offer a way to develop a positive relationship with children which will provide a more satisfactory atmosphere and help to improve their own relationships with others; staff and children alike.

 Social-emotional development is the groundwork for all later learning and development. The first and most important need for children is to feel safe and secure in their environment and with the adults who care for them. Understanding the importance of providing nurturing skills and specific strategies for supporting children will help caregivers provide a positive start for children and enable them to guide children in a positive trajectory to maximize future growth and learning. If was asked to present this class to the community by the ELC to better prepare practitioners to provide for the Social and Emotional needs of young children.

Learning Outcomes (may also be listed under PACES, include assessment method for each outcome).

  1. Teachers will display and use materials with vocabulary of feelings in their classrooms
  2. Teachers use a variety of relaxations techniques throughout the day to help children to manage strong emotions
  3. Teachers will read books related to emotions and discuss these with children.

*Please Check your email inbox for instructions on How to Join the Webinar.

Important Notes: To receive CEU’s or In-service training hours, participants must adhere to attendance policy (see below). Participants must demonstrate learning gains. All learning outcomes must be met through course assessment, actively participate in class discussions and exercises, complete all assignments, and complete & submit evaluations., before a certificate will be awarded. Participants must attend the entire course. Partial CEUs or in-service hours cannot be offered. 

The Early Learning Coalition of Miami Dade/Monroe has no proprietary interest in any product, instrument, device, service or material discussed during the learning event.

Attendance Policy: Participants missing more than 15 minutes of total training time will NOT receive a certificate of completion or receive CEUs. Please be prepared to arrive on time and stay until the end of the training. Late participants will not receive credit for the training. Late/absent participants may register for another session.

PLEASE NOTE:  Registration is required.  Participants who arrive 15 minutes late to this course will not be admitted.  Dates are subject to change. The Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade/Monroe reserves the right to cancel classes at any time. Course is subject to cancellation if less than 25% of the seats are filled.  Registered participants will be notified of course cancellation via email 24 hours in advance.

Contact Information: Professional Development Institute - professionaldevelopment@elcmdm.org - 305.646.7220 ext. 2350