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Training ID: 1696013
Super STEM Saturday: Play-based learning to support the WHOLE child with a focus on integrating science, math, and reducing challenging behavior/ Súper Sábado STEM: Aprendizaje basado en el juego para apoyar al niño en su totalidad, con un enfoque en la integración de ciencia, matemáticas y la reducción de comportamientos desafiantes
Start Date: 9/28/2024
From: 8:30 AM
To: 12:30 PM
Last day to register: 9/28/2024
Availability: 457 seats available
In-Service: 4.00
Language: English
Categories: Child Development & Learning, Teaching & Learning, Observing Documenting Screening & Assessing, CLASS: Positive Climate, CLASS: Quality of Feedback, CLASS: Negative Climate, CLASS: Teacher Sensitivity, CLASS: Regard for Student Perspective, CLASS: Behavior Management, CLASS: Productivity, CLASS: Instructional Learning Format, CLASS: Concept Development, CLASS: Language Modeling

The Professional Development Institute presents:

 Super STEM Saturday

Súper Sábado STEM