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Training ID: 1613491
Introduction to The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool
Date: 7/30/2024   From: 5:30 PM   To: 8:30 PM
Date: 7/31/2024   From: 5:30 PM   To: 8:30 PM
Availability: 52 seats available
In-Service: 6.00
Language: English
Trainer: Teaching Strategies

Learning Objectives

Identify the components of The Creative Curriculum"' for Preschool.

Describe how the foundation volumes from The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool help teachers implement developmentally appropriate teaching and assessment.

Explain how the progressions for development and learning support the facilitation of developmentally appropriate learning experiences.

Describe how the Daily Resources help teachers integrate content learning into daily instructional experiences. Develop a daily schedule that includes the essential components of The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool.

Through this course teachers will be able to:

Review the Curricular Framework

How Children Develop and Learn

The Learning Environment

What Children Learn

o Objectives for Development and Learning

o Progressions of Development and Learning

Caring and Teaching

o Positive Guidance

Partnering with Families

Daily Resources to Support Instruction Intentional Teaching Experiences Mighty Minutes·

Book Discussion Cards'"

Introducing Studies

Comparing Studies and Themes Evaluating Study Topics Exploring Teaching Guides

Creating a Daily Schedule Review Learning Objectives Reflecting on the Session

Miami, FL 33150
Contact Information: Professional Development Institute - professionaldevelopment@elcmdm.org - 305.646.7220 ext. 2350