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Training ID: 1209833
Understanding and Coping with Stress - Care for Caregivers’ Journey of Hope . Webinar
Start Date: 3/11/2023
From: 9:00 AM
To: 12:00 PM
Last day to register: 3/10/2023
Availability: 2 seats available
CEU: 0.30
Language: English
Trainer: Christina McGuire

This is an online Training. 

Children’s well-being depends, in large part, on the stability and well-being of their caregivers. Children understand and process events based on messages they receive from those responsible for them. Helping child caregivers, parents, and those who support child care providers, to process their experiences and develop resources for coping is the first step in increasing their ability to support children. By attending first to their own emotional needs, caregivers can be more fully present and attentive to the needs of children.

The Journey of Hope Care for the Caregivers program aims to build supportive and effective learning environments for children by promoting the emotional well-being of school teachers, staff, administrators and parents. Central to the process is establishing stable and cohesive communities of child caregivers. Supporting caregivers in processing recent events, coping with current challenges and realizing healthier futures strengthens their ability to care for children in their school and living environments.

The three hour workshop is designed for 15-20 people and aims to provide a safe space for individual and group reflection on personal experience while building trust, identifying and amplifying individual and community strengths, and planning collaboratively for future community-led action. There is no cost for the workshop. Refreshments and materials will be provided by Save the Children.

*Please Check your email inbox for instructions on How to Join the Webinar.

Important Notes:To receive CEU’s or In-service training hours, participants must adhere to attendance policy (see below). Participants must demonstrate learning gains. All learning outcomes must be met through course assessment, actively participate in class discussions and exercises, complete all assignments, and complete & submit evaluations., before a certificate will be awarded. Participants must attend the entire course. Partial CEUs or in-service hours cannot be offered. 

The Early Learning Coalition of Miami Dade/Monroe has no proprietary interest in any product, instrument, device, service or material discussed during the learning event.

Attendance Policy: Participants missing more than 15 minutes of total training time will NOT receive a certificate of completion or receive CEUs. Please be prepared to arrive on time and stay until the end of the training. Late participants will not receive credit for the training. Late/absent participants may register for another session.

PLEASE NOTE:  Registration is required.  Participants who arrive 15 minutes late to this course will not be admitted.  Dates are subject to change. The Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade/Monroe reserves the right to cancel classes at any time. Course is subject to cancellation if less than 25% of the seats are filled.  Registered participants will be notified of course cancellation via email 24 hours in advance.

Miami, FL 33150
Contact Information: professionaldevelopment@elcmdm.org - Phone: 305 646 7220 ext. 2350