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Category Region Language Trainer
DateTitleCEUService Hrs
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 Item 1 to 10 of 35
1067965/2/2017Get Organized: A Toolkit for Early Learning Professionals0.40.0
1068455/2/2017The Role of Book Reading in Language Development 0.40.0
1070965/3/2017Manage your Money and Achieve your Goals0.00.0
1067935/4/2017Wanted: Engaged Parents and Guardians0.40.0
1070985/6/2017Becoming a Homeowner & Downpayment Assistance Programs 0.00.0
954475/6/20172017 Monroe Early Childhood Conference - Healthy Families; Healthy Communities0.50.0
1068215/8/2017Taking a Look: Authentic Observation and Assessment0.40.0
1068395/9/2017Veo Veo… Señales de alarma en el desarrollo de los niños0.40.0
1068675/10/2017The Art and Science of Storytelling 0.40.0
1071005/10/2017Predatory Lending & Banking Services0.00.0