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Category Region Language Trainer
DateTitleCEUService Hrs
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 Item 1 to 10 of 44
1143866/30/2017!Así aprendo yo! La enseñanza diferenciada en su clase0.40.0
1143936/30/2017Building Bridges Between Pre-K and Kindergarten0.40.0
1211297/5/2017I Spy...Red Flags in Preschoolers0.40.0
1211317/5/2017The Role of Book Reading in Language Development0.40.0
1207497/5/2017How to Administer the FL VPK Assessment0.30.0
1207517/5/2017VPK Assessment Instructional Implications0.20.0
1207537/5/2017Integrating the Standards: Phonological Awareness0.20.0
1211337/6/2017Wanted: Engaged Parents and Guardians0.40.0
1211357/6/2017Grow Healthy!0.40.0
1207557/6/2017Early Mathematics for Early Learners: Making Sense of Sets and Numbers 0.30.0